Lora's Most Requested Keynotes

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DUMB. Dangerous. Different.

Stand-out and achieve more in business and life.

This is Lora’s most requested Keynote.  Your audience will uncover why learning to be dumb, dangerous and different will help you achieve more in your personal and professional life.  

Tailorable for the following topics:

Leadership, Culture, Communication


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Dreaming Big, but Leading Small? 

Learn how changing your mindset can increase your impact.

It's easy to get stuck in the day-to-day grind in business, but sometimes looking at something a little differently is all it takes to make explosive change. This motivational keynote is great for managers, leadership teams and executives.

Tailorable for the following topics:

Leadership, Culture, Innovation.

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Are You On Target in business and life? 

When working with nuclear weapons, being on target is important.  It's important in life too, but sometimes we lose focus.

In this keynote, Lora stresses how taking four simple steps can help you create and achieve your goals in business and life.

Tailorable for the following topics:

Culture, Leadership, Lifestyle Design, Happiness.



A great addition to any of Lora's Keynote addresses, or as stand-alone events, our workshops provide additional training and education on the following topics:

  • Strategic Communication for Organizations 
  • Train the Trainer 
  • DISC personality profile assessment/training
  • Mastering your Message 

Workshops are offered in half day, full day and two day formats depending on the needs of the organization and the number of participants.  We would love to help you decide which workshop is right for your event.  Please fill out the form below and one of our team members will contact you to discuss your event.


For Meeting Planners!

If you are like most meeting planners, one of the most stressful parts about your job is finding a keynote speaker or breakout workshop leader for your event.  Based on our experience, most meeting planners are wondering how the speaker you pick is going to impact your event...

Will they live up to audience expectations?

Will they cancel at the last minute?

Will they help your event run smoothly? 

Will they make your job easier?


As a former event planner and speech writer for a Three Star General, Lora knows what it’s like to have short deadlines, high maintenance speakers, no-show presenters and last minute changes during an event.  No matter how carefully you plan, there will always be some challenges.  


The good news….


With 3D Solutions, you can eliminate these types of challenges and rest assured that we will be there on-time and on-target.  We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and professional in every way.  Following the Air Force core values, of “Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in all We Do”, we stand out from the crowd.


We are committed to SERVING you during your events.  We will work with you and your organization to not only deliver a great message, but to ensure the experience is as stress-free as possible for you and your staff.


Check our availability to learn how we can serve you during your next event.

What Other Event Planners are Saying

“I have been fortunate enough to hire Lora and see her come into her own as a speaker and teacher...she is a motivator and encourager that will enhance the lives of many.”
— Andrew Odom - Event Organizer
“As an event planner, I look for speakers that not only provide valuable information to my attendees, but also for speakers that are engaging and dynamic. Lora delivers on both counts!”
— Ryan Mitchell - Conference Organizer
“It was a real treat to have Lora present to our group. Her message of, “Dumb, Dangerous and Different” resonated strongly with so many of us who have been playing it safe and trying to adhere to social expectations in order to meet our innate need to belong and live the traditional version of the “American Dream.” Lora inspired us to dream our own dream, regardless of how different it may be, and to be okay with the danger of making a mistake knowing that we have the ability to respond to any situation and have a say regardless of the outcome. Lora was simply amazing.”
— Gloria Padilla - Event Organizer for Dress for Success Denver