Define Your Dream!

Define Your Dream.png

Have you taken the time to define your Dream?

I have!  This picture was taken in the panhandle of Florida at Navarre Beach.  It represents my goal of retiring near the water.  I have been a swimmer my entire life, and over time I've discovered that the beach (which I actually used to hate!) is a very restorative and restful place for me.

I don't ever want to quit working completely because I'd be bored, but I would love to live closer to my dream location.  

Here is the challenge.  A lot of times we forget to slow down enough to figure out where we actually want to go.  Instead we follow the traditional path...we go to college, pursue a career and start a family.  It goes back to the dumb, dangerous and different philosophy...we purse the American Dream because "that's just what you do."  

We never stop and ask why.

Now before you get cranky with me, let me be clear I don't think college, jobs or families are bad!  In fact, I'm a big fan.  The problem is sometimes we forget to slow down and ask ourselves if the life we are living is really the one that's right for us.

If you have taken the time to actually ask yourself why you are making the choices you are and you know know that the life you are pursuing is the one that's right for you, then great!  (you can stop reading now!)

But if you're like most people I know, and like I was for way too many years, you probably haven't actually stopped to think about where it is you want to go and why.

Why do I encourage people to dream big?  I think a lot of times we operate on auto-pilot.  We get so stuck in our routines and habits that we wake up a decade later and wonder "how did I get here?"  

Or perhaps you had a great plan, but like me, your life has taken some unexpected turns.  Maybe you've  experienced a divorce, a job change, or a move across country (don't worry I've done all of those!).  It can be tough when we are recovering from a major change to keep moving towards our dreams and goals.

It's important to approach change with an attitude of acceptance, adventure and growth.  Ask yourself how the changes you've experienced might actually help you move towards a new dream.  I'm not discounting the pain or discomfort associated with big changes or unexpected life circumstance, but I am encouraging you to look at how the change might be an opportunity for a fresh start.

If you haven't taken the time to define your dream, that's okay, you are normal!   But today I want you to stop and take some time to decide what you're life would like. 

No really you should do this today!  If you don't, life will happen, you'll get busy at work, the kids will need help with their homework or you'll get distracted on Facebook and tomorrow you'll wake up in the same place you are today.  

It's time to stop and make your dreams a priority.

If you could pursue your passions and leverage your talents to make your life and the lives of others better, what would you be doing?

Questions to think about:
Have I asked myself if where I am is where I want to be?
What does your dream look like?
Who do you want to share it with?
If you could do anything and money was no object what would you do?