Discover Your Secret Weapon for Business Success

Launching and growing a business is tough!  It will bring moments of joy and fulfillment and probably an equal number of moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. 

 We all know that successful business owners have it all figured out and always feel confident about where they are going and what they are doing….right?!?

I hate to break it to you, nothing could be further from the truth. When I work with my clients there is always an underlying layer of self-doubt.  A fear that maybe they aren’t on the right path or that their ideas won’t resonate with their ideal clients.  And this self-doubt makes them feel like frauds as business owners.  It makes them question why they are working so hard in their business and why they started in the first place.

The great news is that if you can relate, you aren’t a failure! You ARE an amazing business owner even in those moments of panic. in fact it’s in the moments of doubt and fear that you build the entrepreneurial spirit that will make you a success.

Here’s the deal, creating a business is challenging and none of us were given a magic roadmap to get us from our initial idea to a wildly profitable business in one shot (and if you do have that road map, you should be marketing and selling it!)

The reality is the biggest requirement to be successful in business is learning how to be resilient.

 Webster's dictionary defines resilience as, "an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change."

 It’s this ability to adjust, shift, pivot and change that will allow you to build a business you love.  One that makes you feel alive, fulfilled and in-line with your purpose.  One that meets the desires of your clients and provides tremendous value to those you serve.

 It's so easy to feel like we aren't good enough, smart enough or experienced enough when we get ready to launch something new in our business, but we just have to be willing to take action.

 We have to remember that sometimes plans change. Sometimes we have to regroup, restart and rebuild.Sometimes we have to ask for help.  All of these things are part of creating and growing a successful business. 

 Successful businesses aren’t the ones where the founder had an idea, launched a service and became a wild success on the first try.  Successful business owners try something, make small tweaks or radical shifts and then keep moving forward.  But if we look at the little bumps and bruises along the way and assume it means we aren’t cut out for this entrepreneurial adventure, then we sell ourselves short. 

 Stop worrying about launching the perfect service the first time, just launch.  Then listen, regroup and relaunch…over and over again until you are wildly successful.

It’s this resiliency that will allow you to grow and push past the fear, or at least take action in the midst of fear. 

 I was recently at a business conference, where my coach reminded all of us that there will always be a resource gap between where we are and where we want to go in our business. This could be a financial resource gap, a confidence gap or simply a knowledge gap.  When we face these gaps it’s normal to feel a little bit stressed or overwhelmed.

 To overcome these doubts, we have to be willing to take action in the face of fear and then stay the course even if stuff doesn't work out quite like we planned.  That's where the resilience comes in.

There have been a number of times in my business where I have launched a product or service that simply fell flat. At times, this felt totally demoralizing.  But what I realized is that bouncing back and adjusting is part of the life of a business owner. The only way I will continue to build the business I have envisioned and the life I am dreaming about is to continue to move forward, even when it’s not working quite right.

I've learned something from each failed launch, and I'm continually making small changes to what I'm offering and who I am serving.  I’m learning how to leverage my skills and gifts and how to serve my dream clients in a way that speaks to them.  It’s this growth and trial and error that will build a business and legacy that I can be proud of.

I would love to hear…

What have you tried to do (or avoided doing) in your business? 

What would it look like if you went for it and failed? 

What could you learn from that experience? 

How can you build resilience in as part of your business development and growth?