A Brand is Born!

The Why Behind the Brand

I know it can feel overwhelming to share your mission and vision. It’s tough to figure out how to connect and share what’s really important. And if we're being honest, it can be downright terrifying to stand in front of an audience and share your story.

But here's the truth...

YOUR STORY MATTERS and I want you to have the tools and confidence you need to amplify your impact.

This is such an important mission for me.  I hit rock bottom at one point in my life, and honestly I felt like my story didn't matter.  Fortunately, I was able to recover, and by sharing my story I discovered my passion and purpose.

With more than 25 years of teaching and training experience, I know that speaking and training are incredibly powerful tools you can use to grow your brand, build your credibility, and grow stronger teams.

And honestly nothing teaches you the power of effective speaking to motivate teams, provide strategic vision, and build loyalty faster than writing speeches for a three star general for a couple of years!

Now I’m using the skills I learned as an Air Force leader, strategic communications expert, and TedX speaker to help you craft and share powerful messages with your dream audiences.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to woo potential donors, build your brand through speaking, or just get more comfortable standing up in a meeting, I can help.


My Story

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In high school I was terrified of speaking in front of audiences, which I had to do as part of my graduation requirement. Trust me there is a great story there!  

If you had told that 17 year old she would deliver a TedX presentation and become a keynote speaker, she would have laughed at you!  

Luckily over the years I learned simple tools and techniques that gave me the confidence to speak in front of audiences. Today, I share those tips and tricks to my clients so they can deliver their messages in a powerful way.  

I'm on a mission to help others share their stories.  Whether it's in front of a crowd of 3 or in a packed auditorium, I believe you have a story worth sharing and I want to help you do it with confidence and poise.