If you are looking for a speaker or coach to help you achieve more in business and life you are in the right place!


3D Solutions, offers unique speaking and coaching services for women. 


3D Innovation

Designed with Businesses in mind


3D Innovation challenges businesses to build better leaders through mindset development and energy leadership techniques.

Leveraging lessons learned from military experience, Lora challenges women to lead with courage, create cultures of excellence and look for innovative solutions.  Sometimes that means being dumb, dangerous and different!

Women are still under represented in leadership roles, but it's not due to a lack of skill, it's due to a lack of confidence and clarity. Sometimes you have to take risks to lead from the front.   

Lora speaks about leadership, culture and innovation.


What a pleasure it was getting acquainted with you at our conference. You did an awesome job in every way.

You spoke with passion right from your heart and connected with your audience with engaging information and entertaining humor.
— Terry Weaver, Marketing Institute

3D Living

designed with Individuals in mind


3D living encourages women to be "dumb, dangerous and different," in their personal and professional lives.

After years of following the crowd and being afraid to stand-out or start over, Lora learned that by pursuing ideas that seemed dumb, dangerous and different to others she could achieve more success.  Her journey included launching her own business, moving into a tiny house and ignoring the critics!

If you are tired of feeling stuck, know your business could be doing more, or want to step up as a leader in your organization, Lora can help you uncover your passions, identify your strengths and move forward with confidence.    

She speaks about Self-Development, Lifestyle Design and Happiness.  


Lora’s passion for encouraging and motivating others radiates from her as she speaks. I was inspired by Lora’s willingness to share about her own life journey towards dream goals.
— Caroline Hill, Conference Attendee

3D Impact

designed with others in mind

3D Impact was created to encourage you to make a difference in the lives of others.  Lora does this through not only speaking and coaching, but also through charitable giving.

If you are looking for a speaker who is passionate about making a difference in our world, Lora is the right speaker for you.  She speaks to charities and churches on how even small actions can make a huge difference.

At this time, 3D Solutions has partnered with The Exodus Road, a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking by supporting targeted interventions and rescues. 

Currently we are donating 15% of all profits to help fight human trafficking.

Find out more about The Exodus Road project now.