Challenging and training women to be the best versions of themselves through the work they love.


Lora believes that all women have the ability to live their most powerful and authentic lives when they are honoring their gifts and talents.  She works with female entrepreneurs, consultants and corporate leaders to reach their dreams.  

She helps women achieve their purpose and dreams through her unique focus on energy leadership and mindset development.  Sharing her unique message of being "dumb, dangerous, and different," Lora encourages women to think outside of the box, pursue their passions and lead with distinction in their personal businesses and corporate jobs without listening to the little voice inside or the critics outside.

Through speaking, coaching and consulting, Lora leverages her military experience and training to help women build their dream businesses and become the leaders they need to be in their companies and organizations.  

Learn how to harness your skills, gifts and talents and take your business, company or organization to new heights.

On a mission to inspire others, transform lives and empower change!

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3D Innovation

What if your company and organization could achieve more by building better leaders, stronger teams and exceptional cultures?  Learn how to blow up your business in a good way! 

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3D Living

What if being different was exactly what you were designed to be?  Learn exactly how to pursue your passions, march to a different beat and achieve more in life or in your personal business.

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3D Impact

What if you could advance freedom across the globe?  All it takes is a few people willing to step forward and tackle the tough problems.  Learn how you can be a part of a bigger mission.