If you are a coach or solo-preneur that is ready to learn the skills you need to build profitable workshops or create a powerful speaking presence you are in the right place!


As a communications trainer and coach, I work with female entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to use their gifts, share their story, and build a platform through training & speaking so they can create a business and life they  love.

We all have gifts and talents worth sharing, but most of us never get the training we need to be able use them in a meaningful way.  We let our doubts and fears hold us back from really "going for it."  So we stay stuck in a rut and stick with dreaming about the life we want.  The great news is, that doesn't have to be your story.

I can help you learn the skills you need so you can build powerful presentations and profitable workshops.   No more just getting by or settling.

Maybe you still aren't sure I can help...that's okay.  Let me ask you a few simple questions.  

Does this sound like you? 

  • The idea of speaking in front of a group is totally stressful

  • The thought of launching your own workshop is overwhelming

  • You are struggling to come up with content for your presentations

  • You want to add a new income stream in the form of teaching and speaking, but you don't know where to start

What my clients are experiencing 

Lora is a dynamic coach who has been an essential part of my success over the past year. She is a constant source of encouragement as she gets me to push myself past my fears so I can reach my goals. I know that she truly cares and that I have someone in my corner as I work to grow my business. Working with her has been life changing in both my personal and professional life. She has given me confidence to believe in myself.
— C. Robison
Lora helped me with my photography business development. Together we excavated my fears that were holding me back and she guided me into focused goals and an efficient game plan. Her organizational skill set, motivating enthusiasm, and get-down-to-it-ness are powerful qualities to move you past any personal hurdles.
— Brandi Hamilton Photography


What if you….

  • Built a business that completely connected with your clients, customers and employees

  • Attracted perfect clients to your business who happily pay you for your services

  • Stepped fully into your  potential and fearlessly pursued your passions

  • Increased your confidence x10 and felt it every day


The fastest way to increase to build a profitable workshop is to get clear on your why, build awesome content and launch to clients who are ready for you to step into your zone of genius!  

Through speaking, coaching and consulting, I leverage my military training and over 25 years of instructional and teaching experience to help you learn how to train and speak with confidence so your clients will become raving fans.  I can walk you through a proven process to build an authentic and powerful business and give you the tools you need to pursue your dreams with clarity and confidence.